Wish you had straighter teeth with Invisalign braces but you’ve been putting off seeking treatment in earnest because you suspect that living with metal braces for a few months could be more socially awkward than putting up with the teeth you have? We can put your mind at rest. We can offer you orthodontic braces for your teeth that are very hard to detect. Now you can have your teeth straightened without anybody realising.

Invisalign is one of the main brands of clear braces we use here at our Mickleover practice. They’ve been fitted successfully to 4 million customers worldwide and they can correct a huge range of alignment issues. We’re recommended Invisalign providers and know everything there is know about using this system to produce optimal results for our customers. Let’s have a look at the number of reasons why we champion this particular teeth straightening brand:

  • Invisalign braces are removable. They are not bonded to your teeth like braces requiring brackets and wires, but instead consist of clear, thermoplastic trays. The trays are comfortable to wear because they are custom-made for your mouth and they fit snugly over your teeth in much the same way a mouthguard would.
  • Removing your braces to eat means you won’t get any food caught in your mouth, which is often the case with traditional braces. Removing your braces to brush your teeth, means you can get your teeth really clean, which is harder when you have to negotiate the equipment involved with fixed braces.
  • They might be modern and less durable-looking, but don’t be fooled. These tough braces will guide your teeth into a more flattering alignment with a firm, but gentle precision. Most alignment issues can be corrected using Invisalign, with results just as good as more conventional braces, and occasionally with a shorter treatment time.
  • When you embark on orthodontic treatment with the Invisalign system, you will know exactly how your teeth and smile will look at the end of their alignment journey. Your beautiful new smile will be on the computer screen for you to see thanks their innovative 3D simulation programme.
  • As the braces are removable, you will be expected to be compliant with the guidelines given in order for your teeth to be straightened within the estimated treatment time given. They need to be worn for 20 hours in every 24 hour period. Obviously if these braces are for your children, you might believe it’s harder to check that they’re wearing them as often as they should. Invisalign have thought of everything. Thanks to blue dot indicators on the side of the braces, you can check your child is ready to receive a new aligner tray at the predicted times (otherwise, you’ll know your child hasn’t been wearing his or her braces for long enough each day.)

Think Invisalign could be a good choice for you or your children? Why not book a consultation with one of orthodontists here at our Mickleover practice. We’ll answer all your questions and assess your teeth to give you a better idea of price and treatment time.