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Retain your No1 smile

As your journey with us approaches its end and you’re preparing to show off your brand new smile to the world, it’s important to ensure the effects last for the long term. That’s where retainers come in.

Retention is the most important part of your orthodontic journey. Wearing your retainer as instructed by your Specialist Orthodontist is essential if you want to keep your teeth in alignment.

Types of retainers

As with braces, we have a selection of different retainer treatments to reflect your individual requirements.

Vacuum formed - Commonly known as ‘clear retainers’, vacuum formed retainers are discreet, clear, removable retainers that are custom-made to fit you perfectly. Your orthodontist will advise you on how often to wear your removable retainers, which in most cases is only at night.

Fixed - A fixed retainer is a small metal wire glued to the back of your teeth to hold them in their new position. This non-removable retainer is unobtrusive, and you’ll quickly forget it’s there. We’ll show you how to care for your fixed retainer, and give you Superfloss™ to keep it clean.


Follow-up care

After treatment, our private patients enjoy one year of follow-up care. We’ll see you for regular appointments to ensure you can continue to enjoy your stunning smile results. During this period, we repair any damage that may occur to your fixed retainer free of charge.

If you experience any problems with your retainers, please get in touch as soon as you can. Even if your follow-up care has finished, we’re still more than happy to provide advice and, in most cases, will be able to offer you a repair or new retainers on a pay-as-you-go basis.


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