Dental Monitoring: treatment that fits your lifestyle

Your treatment plan should work for you, not vice versa. And now, with the latest in orthodontic software advancements, it does. Dental Monitoring is state-of-the-art technology that allows you to skip the office visit and submit your progress photos online via a smartphone app.

At No1 The Orthodontic Specialists, we believe that orthodontic care should easily fit into your lifestyle. This is just one more way we make sure our services are tailored to the comfort and convenience of our patients.

What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is a smartphone app developed with the latest in orthodontic software. It lets your Specialist Orthodontist check on your Invisalign® treatment progress remotely. It also allows you to communicate with our team anytime and anywhere without physically visiting our clinic.

Dental monitoring

Dental Monitoring in 3 simple steps

  • Download. Once you’ve started your Invisalign® treatment plan, your Specialist Orthodontist will tell you when you can move to the Dental Monitoring platform, which is a free app for iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Take a selfie. When it’s time for a checkup, we’ll request photos from you. Follow the instructions for taking images of your entire mouth and jawline, so that we can clearly see how things are moving.
  • Submit. Send us the photos! Our specialist team will personally review the photos and make sure your treatment plan is on track. They will then advise on whether your next visit should be in-person, or if you can continue with virtual checkups.

Dental Monitoring

Flexibility at its best

The entire Invisalign® solution is created to provide a flexible alternative to traditional braces for people who need orthodontic care. Our teenage patients and those with professional jobs enjoy having an invisible option with the flexibility to remove the aligners when they need to.

Now, paired with Dental Monitoring, Invisalign® treatment caters to your busy schedule, too. Save the evenings for friends and family and let us review your progress from afar. We will let you know when you need to come into the office for new aligners or treatment plan adjustments.

Dental monitoring

Join the future of orthodontic care

The days of juggling a busy schedule with your weekly check-ups are over! No1 The Orthodontic Specialists is proud to be a top provider of custom Invisalign® treatment and Dental Monitoring, to make your experience with us as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Ask your Specialist Orthodontist how Dental Monitoring can fit treatment around your schedule.

Dental monitoring

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