Benefits of braces

The benefits of orthodontic treatment

There is a misconception that braces are only available for children. The truth is that more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment than ever before!

It is never too late to get that winning smile. Teeth can be moved successfully provided they and the gums and supporting structures are healthy.

We have compiled a list of the benefits of orthodontic treatment as documented in scientific studies and also from personal experience.

A winning smile makes a great first impression

Everyone appreciates the importance of a winning smile and how it can enhance our self-confidence. Our smiles are a big part of our identity and influence how others perceive us. At No1 The Orthodontic Specialists, we create beautiful smiles to suit your face. Your treatment will be one of the most valuable investments you will make to improve your image.

 Physiological benefits

  • Straight teeth are easier to clean, as there are fewer plaque and food traps. They are less prone to decay and gum disease
  • Reduce the risk of injury to protruding teeth
  • A good bite should result in less strain on the jaw joints and muscles
  • Spaces can be closed if teeth are small or missing to obviate the need for dentures/bridges or implants
  • To help stop digit sucking habits that harm the bite
  • To prepare teeth and bite for other dental treatment

Children only

  • To modify growth and help improve the facial profile
  • To guide teeth that are erupting out of position or stuck in the bone

At No1 The Orthodontic Specialists, we have several different tried and tested braces including clear braces, Invisalign™ braces, and hidden lingual braces, to help you get that winning smile. The benefits of having a beautiful smile are long lasting. You will not regret your decision to improve your smile. Come and see us to find out your options. To find out more click here.