Teeth Whitening

Why do people have braces fitted in Derby? Essentially we all understand that having straight teeth is a good thing, but do we know why? Can we see beyond having our teeth pushed into a more attractive position will give us a nice smile to discover even more advantages? You might be surprised to learn that straighter teeth also have a number of health benefits. Here is our top 5 advantages of having straight teeth:

  1. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean. This doesn’t just mean that you’re less likely to have a piece of spinach caught in your teeth after a meal out, but also that you can do a better job of removing food deposits from your teeth with a toothbrush after a meal. Straight teeth have fewer hard-to-reach tooth surfaces. No extra effort is required on your part to ensure your teeth are as clean as possible.
  1. Straighter teeth reduce the risk of you getting gum disease, for the reason outlined above. Gum disease is caused by leftover food deposits near the gumline, which have turned into tartar, following their not having been removed. When you have gum disease, the immediate symptoms include swollen and bleeding gums, which can also be painful. If gum disease is allowed to reach the later stages without you receiving treatment there is an increased risk of you suffering from heart disease, strokes or diabetes. These serious health conditions have all been associated with late stage gum disease.
  1. Braces can correct a huge number of alignment issues. If your particular dental problem is overcrowding or protruding teeth, having them straightened means you’re less likely to break your teeth in the event of an accident. Overcrowded and protruding teeth are vulnerable to injury.
  1. Crooked teeth can cause you pain when they put stress on your gums and jawbone, as well as reduce your efficiency in chewing food thoroughly. Straighter teeth could correct all of this.
  1. Having straighter teeth can make you happier and more confident in your appearance. If you’re currently hiding your smile, wouldn’t it be nice to feel you have attractive teeth and consequently an enhanced smile because of them. You won’t have to stay away from the cameras ever again.

Here at the No 1 The Orthodontic Specialists in Derby, we offer a huge range of discreet braces so don’t feel you have to draw even more attention to your mouth during the treatment period. We offer ceramic fixed braces, the brackets of which will be a similar colour to your teeth. We offer lingual braces, which are virtually undetectable by others given that they fit to the back of your teeth and we offer leading removable brand of braces; Invisalign, whose thin, translucent mouth guard-like aligner trays are extremely discreet. Children’s braces, metal fixed braces and NHS options also available.

To make a decision about the best course of treatment to suit you, please give our Derby team a call to book a consultation. We’ll be happy to look for a time that suits you.