Teeth Whitening

Discoloured teeth are frustrating, especially when the toothpaste that promises to make them whiter has a very limited effect. The teeth whitening treatment we offer here, at our Mickleover practice, is safe and will brighten your teeth by several shades. The active ingredients we use will pass through your dental enamel, rather than harm the surface of your teeth; resulting in you having significantly whiter teeth and a more attractive smile, as well as a heightened confidence in your looks.So how important is having teeth that look bright and healthy? More important than you might think! You’re used to a slight staining and you can’t imagine your friends are that bothered about it, but numerous smile studies have shown that having whiter teeth can affect how successful you are in your career and love life.

According to various recruitment sites, many company bosses openly admit that how attractive a candidate’s smile is, can influence whether or not they’re hired and it has long been known that being in possession of an alluring smile puts you first in line for promotion. As for appearing more attractive to the object of your desire; it’s obvious. You are probably aware of yourself being drawn to those who radiate positivity, whilst appearing happy and healthy. With whiter teeth, you could naturally have a magnetic effect on others.

It’s also worth knowing that if you’re smiling less because you feel embarrassed about your teeth, you could be affecting your happiness levels too. Psychologist Robert Zajonc proved through his research that smiling affects a person’s mood. He was building upon a theory proposed by Darwin, that smiling doesn’t just reflect happiness, it causes it!

How does teeth whitening treatment work?

We used tried and tested products at our Mickleover practice. You will be provided with custom-made trays and bleaching gel to use at home.

As our professional team are fully trained in providing this treatment effectively using leading brands of whitening gel, you can expect a predictable, fast result that’s long lasting. In contrast to some of the ineffectual home kits you can buy online, or from various shops, you will receive predictable, optimal results first time, which can be easily and affordably topped up every few months.

We will give your teeth a thorough clean and inspection beforehand to check your teeth are in great condition. Teeth that have been professionally cleaned will respond better to the treatment and give you more impressive results.

If you’d live in or near Mickleover and you’d like to book a teeth whitening treatment, please give our friendly reception team a call. There are plenty of other treatments we offer that will also help improve your smile, so whatever your dental concerns, please be sure to ask. We can arrange a consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.