A smile for your big day

If there’s one day in your life when you want the perfect smile it’s on your wedding day. Suits and dresses last a day, but your smile will last a lifetime.

At No1 The Orthodontic Specialists, we have transformed the smiles of many a bridal party and would be delighted to share the joy of your special day with you.

Planning the perfect smile

Our team knows that weddings require meticulous planning, so we take the same approach to your teeth:

  • Initial assessment:: We’ll start your journey to a perfect wedding smile with an initial consultation. At this appointment we’ll assess your teeth and discuss in detail the various treatment options available to you.
  • Regular check-ups: In the lead up to your big day, we’ll get you to come in for regular check-ups so we can ensure your teeth are straightening as they should. We’ll explain what’s happening at each appointment, so you understand what is necessary to achieve a stunning smile, ready for your big day.
  • Finishing touches: Once your teeth are perfectly aligned and you have a smile worthy of a wedding, we can give your teeth the finishing touches. We have in-house teeth whitening treatment and take-home teeth whitening kits you can use to add an extra sparkle to your pearly whites.

Wedding Smiles

If your big day is just around the corner, don’t panic. We will work with you to find a solution that ensures your big day is as perfect as you imagined, no matter how much time you have until you say I do.

Make sure you’re prepared for your big day with a No1 smile.

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Wedding Smiles

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